About Me


Below is a piece a for the Road Rash 2 show:


Myself (Christina @christinatattoos), Birdie (@birdietattoos), Glenn (@glennseymourtattoos), & Jen (@evildeadjen) are busy bees and we added 2 new members to our team: Tiara (@tiaraxlee), and Brad (@brad.lee.charles), specialising in traditional, letters, American-Japanese, and anything timeless! They are uber talented rad artists so come check em’ out already! @blackrabbittattoo

Accepting guest tattoo artists with 3 years experience minimum. Stop by or email your portfolio and the dates you will be available!

Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio, 3246 St. Johns Street, Port Moody, BC


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Cody Hansen Says:

    Hey Christina. I stopped by your shop today with my friend (I was the tall guy with the 2 septum rings and bridge looking for a new artist to do my zombie work). Anyways it will be a bit befor I come in to get work done. Going through a divorce need to get back on my feet again. But I loved your work and I am set on you being my new artist. So if at some point you change shops and go somewhere else let me know! I have been having a hard time finding an artist I like.
    Best regards.

  2. If anyone out there is looking for a wicked tattoo go check her out .Thanks for the wicked tattoo christina

  3. Ken Lovering Says:

    I just wanted others to know this lady is not only a great artist, she does great body art. I love that tattoo, thanks. My friends all like it as well.